8 Key Questions Before Hiring a Maid Service

by Jessica - December 3, 2018

8 Key Questions Before Hiring a Maid Service

If the mess and dirt of your home stress you out, but you don’t have the time or patience to keep it in order, think about calling for help. Getting a house cleaning service has become a need, not a luxury, and there are plenty of options, from hiring an individual to hiring a cleaning company.


Before you hire them, use these reference check questions for cleaners to help you find the best home cleaning service for your home.


Do you conduct a thorough background check on employees?

Like all reputable companies,cleaning companies should perform a thorough background check on all of their employees. When you hire someone, you act as their employer and therefore making you accountable for anything in their background. With the help of a background check, it can ensure your safety by knowing who is entering your home by asking them these questions to ask a cleaner when hiring.

Also, a cleaning company should also tell you whether the same house cleaner will be sent to your home each time.

Is your cleaning company insured and bonded?

Professional cleaning service should carry liability insurance and bond and have a policy in place in case of emergencies. It will provide you with peace of mind and security throughout the cleaning service. You also may want to inform the cleaning experts if you have any items that require special care.

Do you bring cleaning supplies and equipment?

Some companies bring their equipment and cleaning supplies, while others may only carry the equipment, and you may be asked to provide cleaning supplies. If you have problems  with the provided cleaning supplies, you should ask for alternatives or suggest your own.

Also, these days, cleaning companies can use both conventional and environment-friendly products. Thus, make sure to understand the difference beforehand.

How will you access my home?

You may not be comfortable to let strangers in your home. If you want your home professionally cleaned by reliable experts without you to supervise, you can opt for these options:  leave a key under the mat and ask the house cleaner to move it inside when they’re finished, or granting access via a keypad. Make sure both you and your house cleaner are pleased with the option you want.

What kind of cleaning services do you provide?

You should be specific about what cleaning you need when you contact the cleaning service. Most house cleaners provide the standard cleaning like mopping, vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, dusting, and cleaning of the bathrooms. However, they may not inclined to pick up items around your house, handle jewelry, organize tabletops, move heavy furniture, or wipe down expensive appliances unless they are specifically instructed.

How do you charge and do some of the services cost extra?

Most cleaning companies will charge hourly, but some will give you a flat rate. A walk-through of your home will provide you with an estimate of how long will the cleaning company take to clean your house and what the cost will be.

Be sure there aren’t extra charges for specific services. Some may charge extra for things like houses with pets, high ceilings, or deep cleaning. If anything in your home will expect them to cost you extra, they should tell you upfront.

Can you provide references for your work?

You want to hire a house cleaning service that is trusted by people around you, so feel free to ask the individual or company for references. A trustworthy company should have testimonials available to new customers. If a company is not able to provide recommendations, this is a red flag.

Can you provide proof of insurance?

When you’re hiring a cleaning company, you have to be sure that they mail you a copy of their certificate of insurance or they have insurance company fax on hand. If they will not let you speak with the insurance company immediately—or if they cannot give you physical proof of these documents at all—it’s a red flag, so do not hire them.

There you have it! Essential questions that you should ask before you hire a professional house cleaning service. These questions will help you decide which cleaning will suit your home best!