Declutter Your Phone With These Spring Cleaning Tips

by Jessica - February 18, 2019

Fact: Any free space runs the risk of getting cluttered. This applies to every room in our home, of course, but have you thought about digital space? That gets cluttered even faster than a garage, and we carry it with us every day! Maybe it’s time to get some of that spring cleaning spirit to good use and get rid of that pesky notification warning us of how little free space we have left.

By decluttering your phone you’re not only maximizing its capabilities, but saving time in the long run, especially when you have to find something that you swear was just there, somewhere, but is suddenly gone. Read through these digital spring cleaning tips and let’s get to work!

Get rid of apps you don’t use

Yes, that life-organizing app sure looked useful in that article you read a couple of months ago, and who can forget all the fun you once had with Draw Something? Well, it’s time to keep the memories but says goodbye to all those apps that you don’t (or very rarely) use anymore.

Also, depending on your phone, you might have one or two pre-installed apps that do the same thing as another one that you use. Do you have two browsers? How about some camera apps? If you do, yet don’t know why it’s time to say goodbye to them.

This will not only free up space in your device’s memory, but it will also look less cluttered immediately. Two birds with one stone!

Create folders and use them

There’s a way to use folders no matter what your organizational style (or lack thereof) is, and thankfully it’s easy enough to create and delete folders in your device to suit your every need. Now that you’ve gotten rid of all the unused apps sort the remaining ones into different folders so that your screen is not only clean but organized.

You can try dividing them up into Social/Financial/Fun, categories, for example, but it all depends on the apps you have, how much you use them, and how you see each of them, of course.

Transfer your photos to your computer periodically

We all love our photos, don’t we? Even if they’re outtakes and taken from less-than-favorable angles, they’re our memories, and there’s no way we’re gonna delete them! Well, that might be true, but there’s also no reason for you to be carrying all of them around in your phone. Do a monthly “cleanup” of photos and videos by transferring them into your laptop, desktop computer, or even a spare HDD.

Delete the music you don’t listen to anymore

As it turns out, carrying your entire music library in your pocket isn’t the most practical of things. There are many ways to tackle this problem, but it all comes down to getting rid of all the songs that you just don’t listen to anymore, or that you wanna take a rest from for a while.

Remember that you’re not losing these files forever, as you can always re-sync or re-download them into your phone, and if you’re carrying an Android phone, having a portable memory can help ease the separation anxiety a little.

Another good way to “carry” around a large library of digital music is streaming. Spotify is one of the most popular apps available, but Apple Music, Pandora, and even Soundcloud can do the trick.

Use cloud storage

There’s a big chance that you’re already using cloud storage in some form, but for the uninitiated, you don’t have to carry all of your files around to access them at any time. Services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud (the latter for Apple users only) let you store your files and then access them from anywhere through the internet.

There are plenty of free options, but depending on your use of the service, there are premium or paid options of those same apps to help you move around larger or bulk files.

Going through a digital decluttering checklist can be a chore, but it also helps prevent a series of problems that are even more of a chore to deal with, such as performance issues, file locations, and battery life, just to name a few. It might feel like cleaning the garage (and that’s a project best left to the professionals anyway), but it’s also easier, and the results are immediate!