Internet Shopping: What You Should Never Order Online

by Jessica - January 21, 2019

Internet Shopping What You Should Never Order Online

It’s been a few years since online shopping became so prevalent in America, and it’s now so common that some people have replaced every trip to the store with a few clicks, even convenient services like professional house cleaning.

However, even though there’s virtually nothing that can’t be shipped to your door, there are some things that, even today, still offer you more benefits when bought in person at a regular store and not online. We’ve made a list detailing which items are safer, cheaper or otherwise better to get through more traditional retailers. Without further ado, let’s find out which ones cut!



Many of us grew up in a time where online grocery shopping still sounded like science fiction, and who’d bother anyway when supermarkets were so convenient already? And who would assure you that you were getting only the best quality if you weren’t there to pick them out?

Well, turns out you were right in some ways. While it is outright convenient saving yourself a trip to the store when it comes to prepackaged items, there’s no way of making sure that you’re getting only the freshest in fruits, vegetables, and meats without picking them yourself, because you still can’t replicate the experience of a real grocery shop online.

Prices come into play, too, because delivery fees can go over $10 per order, and don’t expect online retailers to offer lower prices than a grocery store for all the convenience they provide, and not only on edibles, but on paper items, toiletries, water, cleaning products, and more.



Buying furniture is always a big decision because they’re permanent fixtures of the room meant to be seen and used by most people who visit your house. That’s why you should always trust your senses over your instincts when it comes to them because a visit to a furniture store will let you see and touch the item in real size instead of just looking at it from a couple of angles on a screen.

This means you’ll already be satisfied with your purchase even before it arrives to your house, instead of having it be a surprise that you might have to return, burdening yourself with return shipping fees and restocking fees on top of what you already paid.

And yes, physical retailers add a shipping fee if you buy something big that you can’t take home yourself, like a dining table or a set of couches, but online retailers add a delivery surcharge on top of the regular shipping fee, which will only get bigger depending on the bulk of your order.



Someone unfamiliar with the internet makeup trend might feel intimidated by some of the prices people are willing to pay for that particular set of shades or lipstick mentioned by their favorite makeup vlogger. But if you can’t actually see them with the naked eye or hold them in your hand, you’re probably setting yourself up for disappointment.

There are many factors that made that particular makeup item look good on your screen, such as the brightness of the video, the editing process of a video or photo, the lightning used to photograph it, among others. These are things that can’t be replicated in real life, so make sure to get your makeup from a specialized store you can visit, and leave online shopping only for restocking on products you’ve already tried.


Home appliances

While similar to buying furniture online, getting a home appliance carries its own set of risks. For example, any damage suffered on the way home can compromise its functionality, and now you have to prove that said damage was done before you got it (on top of sending the item back, with all the charges that imply).

While it may be hard to resist a very good deal while buying appliances online, remember that these low prices usually entail many compromises for delivery, installation, and warranties hidden in the fine print. You might end up paying much more that way instead of making a deal in person at a brick-and-mortar appliance store, which usually offers deals on delivery and installation anyway.

The convenience of online shopping can’t be denied, but there are still some things better dealt with in a traditional manner, especially things that have to be tested beforehand. For everything else, however, click away!