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Help & FAQs

Getting Started

How do I create a Maid-Simple Account?

Click “Sign in” on the top right corner, and then sign up for a new account. If you have any questions, give us a call at (614) 808-MAID (6243) and we will walk you through the process.

Do you service my area?

We currently service Franklin County – if you live in close proximity to the Columbus MSA, contact us and we are happy to discuss!

What is included in a standard cleaning?

Standard cleaning takes into account everything that involves cleaning a home or apartment. Cleaning/vacuuming floors, cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dusting, etc. We do offer extra services like cleaning inside the fridge and inside the oven, and those can be selected on the booking form when you select service.

How much will it cost?

We base our price on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a home. Select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the price is shown right on the website. If you don’t want to have certain areas of your home cleaned, we have an hourly rate that you can schedule by giving us a call at (614) 808-6243!

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies, products and equipment?

Yes – all Maid-Simple cleaners bring their own cleaning products and equipment. If you have a specific requirement for a special area in your home, we are happy to substitute our cleaning product out for yours.

Can I request special tasks or extras?

Absolutely – respond to your confirmation email or login to you account and let us know what you would like to have applied to your service.

Manage Your Account

How do I log into my account?

You can log into your account by: Signing in

How do I change my password?

You can submit a password change request on the customer login page

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password on the Login Page.

How do I change my address?

Login to your account and update your address for you upcoming booking. If you are having trouble, please call (614) 808-6243 (MAID) and one of our customer service representatives can change your address for you.

How do I change my credit card?

Login to your account and update your credit card on file. Once updated, that credit card will automatically be saved as your card on file.

How do I book my first appointment?

Just click on the “homepage” tab on the top of this page and book in 60 seconds. If you prefer to book over the phone, please call (614) 808-6243 (MAID) and one of our customer service representatives will help you with the process.

Pricing & Policies

What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee policy?

Our mission is to make your life simple! If you are not completely satisfied with your cleaning, please contact us within 24 hours and we will schedule a re-clean within 7 business days free of charge. If you are still unsatisfied with your cleaning, we offer a full refund.

What is your refund policy?

If you aren’t happy with your cleaning, please let us know and we will come back to re-clean within 7 business days. If our re-clean is not satisfactory, we will offer a full refund.

Can I apply a coupon to an existing appointment?

You can apply a coupon to a future appointment by logging into your account and clicking your name in the top right hand corner. You can then select “redeem voucher” and enter your code. The system will automatically apply the code to your next appointment. You can not apply your coupon to past appointments that are already completed.

If you have any questions, please send an email to help@maid-simple.com and we will help you through the process.

Why are vouchers for first time customer only?

Vouchers are given to first time customers only while referrals and other incentives are given to recurring customers. If you have any confusion, please contact us at (614) 808-6243 (MAID).

What happens if one of your cleaners damages something in my home?

We require all breakages to be reported within 48 hours of your cleaning. If you have any issues with items in your home, please contact our customer service and we will work with you to make things right.

Trust & Safety

Can I trust my cleaning professional?

Yes you can! All of our cleaning professionals are insured and we require a national database background check. Also, all of our cleaners go through a thorough in person interview process and are consistently evaluated to maintain the highest level of service.

What happens if something goes wrong during my appointment?

If something goes wrong during your appointment, we are here to fix it. Please contact us within 48 hours of your clean and we will work with you to make things right. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we are here to simplify your life!

Is my billing information kept safe and secure?

Yes, all of our payments are processed through Stripe, a third party service provider. Stripe is a secure, SSL-encrypted, PCI-compliant system.

Do your cleaning professionals undergo background checks?

Yes, all Maid-Simple cleaners go through a thorough background check provided by the Corra Group.